Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

Heather and I ventured to Lynwood on Saturday for a full body scrub down I won't soon forget. We went to the Olympus Spa, a Korean bathhouse hiding in a strip mall. From the outside it looks like a place you would get a pedicure and maybe a cheap facial, but when you walk past the front desk you realize there's a lot more to this spa than nice nails. It is in fact, enormous, with 4 pools, 8 or so steams/saunas/relaxation rooms, a manicure/pedicure room, massage rooms, tea room and cafe. The most interesting place though, is by far the scrub area. Just off the pools are a line of massage tables full of naked ladies getting a full body rub down by tiny asian lady with the strength of a 200 pound man. And I, was one of those ladies. When my number was called I laid on the table and for 45 minutes was scrubbed by what felt like sandpaper, and it was amazing. Sure it was uncomfortable at first, but after a while you forget how strange it is to be lying buck naked among 30 or so other women, and realize it feels pretty damn good. I don't think I've ever been so clean in my life, and am now a little grossed out as to how much dead skin we normally tote around, something that had previously never crossed my mind.

The whole experience is really something writing about doesn't do justice, so I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. Just to note, it's not for those who aren't afraid to show some skin, or all of it for that matter, because you rarely wear more than a bath cap. But t is amazing to me how quickly one can adapt to their surroundings, and how quickly your definition of normal can change. Within 10 minutes I had almost forgot what it was like to be at a spa where people were clothed. So even if you are timid, I would still say give it a shot, and you'll soon realize it's not like that nightmare of being naked in public, but that strange dream where everyone is naked and no one seems to notice. Plus, you'll be incredibly relaxed, and your entire body will feel like a baby's... well you get the idea.  

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