Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Adventures Yesteraday

A few shots from our adventure yesterday. Rented a truck and drove to the other side of the island yesterday for some snorkeling! Oh and Dana and I in our REI ad...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Already Thinking of Retirement

So after roughing it for a few nights we decided to spoil ourselves and get a nicer bungalow, just down the beach from where we were staying. I can't begin to describe how much nicer the place we're at now it, and it's only $5 more a night. The bed is hard as a rock, true to Thai standards, but there is air conditioning, hot water and it's really clean. I'm pretty happy to say the least.

We've been spending as much time as possible in the sun which resulted in some serious sunburned (to my surprise, apparently I'm not immune). So when there was a monsoon yesterday it was actually welcomed as it cooled everything down and gave our sunburns a break. So after a day of watching the rain from our hammocks it cleared up at sundown and we were able to walk down the beach and star gaze at a local bar. A few buckets later we headed to Nu Bar, where we know the owner, Andy. He is a Austrian man who lives here and runs a really beautiful bar just off the beach. We sat there for a while after digesting his traditional Austrian sausage he serves and chatted with a few of his friends. One man, Peter, a 50 something British man I spoke with most of the night about everything from snowboarding to commercial fishing. I came to learn he lives here a few months at a time, which to me sounds like a great plan. I hope to someday return here retired as well, chatting up the locals at my favorite spot, granted that is many many years to come.

We'll be on Thong Nai Pan for a few more days and then we're packing up and heading to Bali, which I'm really excited about. The journey is going to be a bit of a trek, but that's half the adventure. Until then, I hope all is well and everyone is happy and healthy.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Thong Nai Pan!

Our view from our bungalow

Bungalow at night

So after a few nights in Ko Samui we decided we had had enough of the constant hawker harassment and the tourist vibe and headed out to our favorite beach on the next island, Ko Phangan and I'm so happy we did. Before leaving we met up with a friend from Seattle, who we actually met last year on the same beach, and the 4 of us are now traveling together. The boat on the way to the island was pretty rocky and both Camie and Dana got sea sick, but Camie kept it down. The ride was worth it though and we rewarded ourselves with cheeseburgers when we go to the beach (surprisingly good).

The beach is just as I remembered it. Small and secluded, the road here is dirt and bumpy and half of the adventure it getting here. Our shack is nothing more than four walls and dingy bathroom which toilet's doesn't flush, but it's right on the beach and about $7 a night, so I'm happy. I truly feel like this beach is one of those few gems you only know about if you know someone who has been there or are luck enough to stumble upon it like Camie and I did last year. Hopefully it will stay like this for a while and a Marriott is not the in near future. The water is clear and calm and the beach is white and soft, pretty much what you picture when you think of paradise.

On another note, Happy Father's Day Dad! I'm sorry I'm not home but I'll make up for it! Everything is going great and we are all happy and healthy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Flying by seat of our fisherman's pants

So after a 14 hour overnight train we finally found ourselves in Surat Thani, where we were panning to take a bus to Krabi and go from there. A quick note about the train, it was a sleeper, which really wasn't that bad sense you got your own little bed with a curtain, although we envisioned our own little room, it was more the entire train was one room. Still, a woman came around and took food orders and when you were ready someone came around and transformed your seats into a bed and we snuggled in for the night. The bathroom was pretty gross, which was not surprising, and the toilet was just a hole that went all the was through the train onto the tracks, which was pretty humerus.

When we got into the train station however, our bus driver told us it was raining there and so our plans quickly changed. We decided to stay on the bus which was taking us to Ko Samiu, the bigger of the three islands in the gulf. Camille and I have been to the other two islands so we decided to check this one out too. So far its nice, although a little crowded. We are on Hat Lami, and beach that is supposedly not the most crowded, but we might move to the "Big Buddah" beach on the north end of the island, which is more layed back and close to the ferry to Ko Pha Ngan, our favorite island last time.

If there is one thing that's important to know about traveling is you have to be ok with changing plans at the last minute. Of course that's something which I already knew but was quickly reminded when we decided to take a rout about 200 miles different than planned. And I can say it was a great decision because it's 95 degrees and sunny and we have a bungalow with air conditioning for about $9 each. After all that traveling it's really nice just to sit on a beach and do absolutely nothing... well aside from getting a massage...twice.

All in all the first few days were a bit long and uncomfortable but now that we're here we are all happy and beginning to get bronzed. ahhh. On that note I need to get to the beach, I have a Chang and green curry calling my name...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Made It!

So after a 30 hour journey we finally made it! It took us way longer than expected due to delayed flights, which was really annoying but now that we all have horizontal sleep under our belts we're feeling a lot better. We checking into a hotel at about 4 am after getting some phad thai on the street and passed out until about 10 am. Our hotel is right off Khao San Road and it's amazing how many people were still up and roaming the street when we got in, mind you a few of them were trying to sell more than just a late night snack. None the less, its about 95 degrees and muggy as hell so we're heading out to Phuket this evening on an overnight train. I'm not sure about the weather, it's supped to rain on and off but we're just going to risk it.

Anyway I just thought I would let you all know we made it ok and in one piece! We're doing just fine and I promise the next time I update this I'll add some pictures. Till then.... peace!

Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm off in 4 days!

The countdown in on, and I can't believe how quickly our departure date has crept up on me. Camille, Dana and I leave on Tuesday morning at an ungodly hour (thanks Will!) where we face our 26 hour journey. We have a few stopovers, one in San Francisco, and one in Tokyo, so we'll have a little time to stretch our legs. Not to mention international flights are typically ten thousand more comfortable than domestic planes, so we have that to look forward to, oh and the free food and drinks...

We will arrive in Bangkok around midnight on the 18th (Which is about 9 am on the 18th Seattle time) for the sleep deprived stupor into the city to find a hotel. Luckily, Khao San Road, the backpacker mecca stays up all night, so we shouldn't have a problem finding a place to crash. There are also a million internet cafes in that area so I'll be able to log on and let you all know we made it in one piece. 

So until then, adios and wish us luck!