Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Already Thinking of Retirement

So after roughing it for a few nights we decided to spoil ourselves and get a nicer bungalow, just down the beach from where we were staying. I can't begin to describe how much nicer the place we're at now it, and it's only $5 more a night. The bed is hard as a rock, true to Thai standards, but there is air conditioning, hot water and it's really clean. I'm pretty happy to say the least.

We've been spending as much time as possible in the sun which resulted in some serious sunburned (to my surprise, apparently I'm not immune). So when there was a monsoon yesterday it was actually welcomed as it cooled everything down and gave our sunburns a break. So after a day of watching the rain from our hammocks it cleared up at sundown and we were able to walk down the beach and star gaze at a local bar. A few buckets later we headed to Nu Bar, where we know the owner, Andy. He is a Austrian man who lives here and runs a really beautiful bar just off the beach. We sat there for a while after digesting his traditional Austrian sausage he serves and chatted with a few of his friends. One man, Peter, a 50 something British man I spoke with most of the night about everything from snowboarding to commercial fishing. I came to learn he lives here a few months at a time, which to me sounds like a great plan. I hope to someday return here retired as well, chatting up the locals at my favorite spot, granted that is many many years to come.

We'll be on Thong Nai Pan for a few more days and then we're packing up and heading to Bali, which I'm really excited about. The journey is going to be a bit of a trek, but that's half the adventure. Until then, I hope all is well and everyone is happy and healthy.


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