Wednesday, November 30, 2011

put your party suit on

These dresses (and tights!) make me want to get all gussied up and go to a holiday party... just might have to throw one! Anyone down?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it was a sucess

here's to many many more friendsgivings, cheers everyone!

diy christmas

I'm determined to make our apartment christmas-y this year, as we sorta slacked last year, and these little diy stars caught my eye. Not too over the top in your face christmas, but still festive. The instructions aren't in english, so that adds another little challenge to the whole thing, but the images are easy to follow.

Monday, November 28, 2011

b + w

When home for the holidays I got talking with my Uncle Jon and turns out he's a bit of a badass photographer. His black and white works are my fav, but check out all his photography here.

double exposed

I'm a little in love with these double exposed photographs by Dan Mountford. It reminded me I accidently double exposed a roll of film a while back I haven't gotten developed yet, and I'm now excited to see the results, although I don't think for a moment they will be this cool, but hey.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ooo you're pretty

pretty damn expensive! it's rough having such expensive taste isn't it? but if you did have $294 sitting around, here is where to buy this beauty.

Friday, November 18, 2011

b + w branding

Any designer can tell you selling a client on a black & white brand is not easy. Which is a shame in my mind, because there is such a simple elegance to it, I'll never get tired of it. It came as no surprise that this brand, is for a design firm, Hunt Studio, who recently rebranded. I love the use of photography, and the simple typography, clean and eye catching.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

letterpress coasters

These coasters by In Haus Press caught my eye (as did the entire shop, really) although I don't own anything that justifies a coaster... minor detail. The little gft tags are pretty cute too.

Playing with Polaroids

I'm in love with these polaroids by Max Wagner

Dream Home

I talk a lot about my dream home, I'm constantly bookmarking kitchens and bathrooms and color schemes, and I cannot wait to be able to make those dreams a reality. Although I don't know when or where this house will take shape, I do know it's going to be a labor of love. I've never wanted to buy a turn key home, as the thought of making it my own from scratch, is much more appealing. Will follows a blog that I've now adopted as one of my favorites, which documents a couple's major home renovation, and in Seattle no less. They bought a fixer-upper and have updated every square inch of the house, and are still working. If you're a fan of before and afters, and DIY projects, you'll love this blog, it's packed with them. More that anything though, it's really inspiring, and reminds me that I will have that dream kitchen, but it's going to take time, and an ungodly amount of work. I can't wait.

Here is a sample of one of their amazing transformations. Check them all out here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Handmade Pillows

It must be winter, because the projects have begun. There's something about the sun setting at 5 that makes you want to do anything to distract from the fact that long sunny days are far far away. I snagged the burlap sack from a Cafe Vita dumpster (insert dumpster-diving hipster comment here) and after 3 months of sitting in Will's jeep, voilĂ ; pillows.

For the record, the burlap sack was next to the dumpster, not in it, for what it's worth.

Speaking of Beer...

This is why school is great, you get to make up projects, with no thought to clients or budgets. Here is a great example of just that, a brand concept created by a group of students in Iceland. Simple, graphic, bold, beautiful.


Something about this kitchen really caught my eye, so bright and clean. Love the subway tile and the contrast of wood and white.

via d*s

Friday, November 11, 2011


found here


I've spend my entire day off in front of the computer planning our trip and I couldn't be happier. I think I may have squealed out loud a few times, and definitely have been talking to myself. In all honestly, I usually don't do this much planning, but the itinerary was a bit scattered to I had to do some narrowing down. At the end of the day though, I have a plan, and I can't wait for Will to get home so I can engulf him in details.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hip Kids

It's a bit bazaar to see kids who are much more stylish than you...

via that kind of woman

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I just saw one of these on Pinterest and had a "hey, I could totally make that" moment... In the mean time, I'll droll over these beauties, which are blown glass (making them even cooler) in the NW.


Sometimes you have to step back from a project and create something totally different to keep your brain fresh. That, is what just happened. I love what I do, no questions about that, but sometime you just want to make something because you like it, and not to please a client, or anyone else. It feels good, I highly recommend it.

 I've wanted to create a series of city inspired posters for a while, and this might just be the start. I took these photos 5 years ago from a close family friends condo, in downtown Chicago.

Inspired By

These geometric posters by Lab Partners

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lawrence Lofts

Although there is much, much more to come, the logo and splash page for a Lawrence Lofts, a project I've been working on at DEI, just launched!


The gorgeous layouts of Three Star Food Magazine make we want to learn Russian.

the home of Old Brand New

There are about 1,000 things I love about the home of David, the man behind Old Brand New, and here are two of them.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An Open Window

This is something I've talked about wanting for a long time, an entire glass wall that opens. And I guess the view doesn't hurt.
See more images and read the article here