Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dream Home

I talk a lot about my dream home, I'm constantly bookmarking kitchens and bathrooms and color schemes, and I cannot wait to be able to make those dreams a reality. Although I don't know when or where this house will take shape, I do know it's going to be a labor of love. I've never wanted to buy a turn key home, as the thought of making it my own from scratch, is much more appealing. Will follows a blog that I've now adopted as one of my favorites, which documents a couple's major home renovation, and in Seattle no less. They bought a fixer-upper and have updated every square inch of the house, and are still working. If you're a fan of before and afters, and DIY projects, you'll love this blog, it's packed with them. More that anything though, it's really inspiring, and reminds me that I will have that dream kitchen, but it's going to take time, and an ungodly amount of work. I can't wait.

Here is a sample of one of their amazing transformations. Check them all out here.

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