Thursday, October 24, 2013


So remember how I said we were going to be doing all sorts of kitchen work last weekend? Turns out that was a lie. It took us about 10 minutes of talking about our plan before we realized we had no plan, and needed to take a step back. The house isn't going anywhere after all, and we have plenty of time.

Which leads me to something we do now have... a plan! Here is a mini tour of the kitchen (in disaster unpacking mode, yikes...) and the things we want to do:

#1 : Yes, sponge paint, that lovely 'let's bing the mediterranean into our kitchen in seattle' look. I get the yellow kitchen thing I guess ('it's so cheery!') but it aint my thang, and to make it even more not my thang, someone decided one shade of yellow wasn't enough, and felt the need to add another layer. The most entertaining part is that isn't the only the sponge paint in the kitchen, and certainly not the worst. But more on that another time...

#2 : We need a hood! This house came with a gas stove which makes me beyond happy, but cooking anything results in a kitchen full of smoke (and not because I burn everything, I'm actually an alright cook) and there for a box fan has become a (semi) permanent fixture. Putting in a hood will eliminate all the cabinets above the stove, but we're ok with that. After living in a 400 sq ft apartment, this kitchen is enormous, and we're just fine on storage. 

#3 : What to do when connecting rooms are different colors? Why just leave a janky-ass line and hope nobody notices. No. Wrong. Yet another reason the kitchen is getting painted, and thus the living room. This was something I wanted to avoid, mostly out of pure laziness, but I've been convinced we need to prime and paint the entire living/dining/kitchen area. You win this one Will. 

#4 : All the appliances are black (with exception to the fridge) and nice and new, so they aren't going anywhere. I normally would prefer stainless, but we're going to work around this, as you'll see below...

#5 : Guess what you can do when you're a homeowner? Put holes in your wall, that's what. This wall is coming down, most likely the first thing to happen in this whole process, so Will decided to test his new hammer. It works. 

#6 : Isn't she lovely? She's going to be staying a while as fridges are expensive and this one works just fine. I'm going to scour the internet looking for DIYs to make it look nicer, though I have a bad feeling it'll turn out even worse looking, and should probably just let this one go for the time being. Since we're in it for the long hall I feel as though I should name her, lets do with Ethel. 

#7: I can't wait to get some stools in here, it'll be lovely when cooking to be able to have people sit across from you. The open kitchen was such a selling point on this house, and I can't wait to expand upon that with a wider counter, and some bar stools.

Annnnd here is the plan-ish:

1 : Black range hood; to match existing appliances, aside from Ethel.

2 : White subway tile backsplash; this is a personal favorite of mine I've been trying to fit into just about every room in the house.

3 : These exact lights are insanely expensive, so I'm looking for something similar, perhaps these. I hated what's currently there at first, but after the Edison bulbs they're actually not bad for the time being.

4 : Open shelves; I didn't note above, but the entire cabinet situation is going to make room for some lovely open shelves that Will is going to build. The ones above are from Ikea, and though they aren't a bad option, I think we're going to do something more custom. Also I don't think I'm getting Will to go back to Ikea anytime soon.

5 : Stainless countertops; this is the current plan, which I'm still on the fence about. They show every little smudge, and as I'm a clean control freak (thanks Mom) that freaks me out. It will look awesome though I'm sure, and bring in some of that industrial look we love.

6 : We want to save the lower cabinets and drawers, but they need a little facelift. We're thinking stain and new pulls will do the trick. Not necessarily these pulls, but something like it, flush with the top of the drawer... in a perfect world.

7 : I'm not about to drop over $500 on two stools, but aren't they pretty? I'm hoping to find something similar somewhere out there in the world.

That's it for now! Thanks for dropping by :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sneak Peak

This is the smallest house tour ever, as I was so excited when we got the keys I ran around like a mad woman with my camera but only managed to take about 8 photos. I will however have a million more to share after this weekend, as we're going to be painting and other fun things, and I'll be sure to have camera on hand.

In the mean time, look! We have a house! Ahhhh! A few things to note off the bat;
1 - The color of the outside, holy cow. Some people hate it, some love it. I can honestly say it's growing on me, but it's not our taste, and will be changed next spring.
2 - Hardwood floors! Original fir floors from 1928, can't tell you how happy that makes me.
3 - Kitchen - big and open to livingroom = awesome. Everything else = not so awesome, I'll have more photos of this area in the near future, but for now know that it will be redone. Sponge paint and checkers are not really our thing...shocking, I know.
3 - Original hardware! I'm obsessed with every door handle in this house, aren't they pretty?
5 - Big back yard! We somehow managed to find a house in Seattle with a huge yard, hell to the yes. Again, this picture does it no justice, but trust me, it's big and awesome, and Moe is happy.

That's all for now!