Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Thong Nai Pan!

Our view from our bungalow

Bungalow at night

So after a few nights in Ko Samui we decided we had had enough of the constant hawker harassment and the tourist vibe and headed out to our favorite beach on the next island, Ko Phangan and I'm so happy we did. Before leaving we met up with a friend from Seattle, who we actually met last year on the same beach, and the 4 of us are now traveling together. The boat on the way to the island was pretty rocky and both Camie and Dana got sea sick, but Camie kept it down. The ride was worth it though and we rewarded ourselves with cheeseburgers when we go to the beach (surprisingly good).

The beach is just as I remembered it. Small and secluded, the road here is dirt and bumpy and half of the adventure it getting here. Our shack is nothing more than four walls and dingy bathroom which toilet's doesn't flush, but it's right on the beach and about $7 a night, so I'm happy. I truly feel like this beach is one of those few gems you only know about if you know someone who has been there or are luck enough to stumble upon it like Camie and I did last year. Hopefully it will stay like this for a while and a Marriott is not the in near future. The water is clear and calm and the beach is white and soft, pretty much what you picture when you think of paradise.

On another note, Happy Father's Day Dad! I'm sorry I'm not home but I'll make up for it! Everything is going great and we are all happy and healthy.

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