Saturday, May 14, 2011

Salt my Salt

It's no secret I'm a bit of a salt freak. I know it's not the healthiest habit, but damn if salt doesn't makes everything that much better. Sarah gave me truffle salt for Christmas and I use it on just about everything, from pasta to popcorn, and although it's amazing on everything, I've been wanting to expand my salt horizons. Wandering around the hill today, Will and I finally checked out Sugarpill, a boutique salt shop (and marijuana dispensary, apparently) that I had assumed sold sugar-related products this entire time. To my pleasant surprise it's an entire store dedicated to salt, with varieties to both eat and bathe in. I was a little overwhelmed at first and had to do some roaming, and sniffing, before I could pick a few out. I settled on two tins, both small and perfect for sampling, smoked applewood and rosemary. Both smell amazing and I'm excited to experiment with them... more to come later on that.

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