Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Work

I've been working on a project for quite some time that just went live. It was something completely out of my comfort zone, and honestly was a bit of a challenge to wrap my head around. DEI recently landed Disney (well a company who works for Disney, sort of as the middle man) as a client. Specifically work on Disney's "Magic of Healthy Living" campaign which encourages kids and families to get off the couch and out of Macdonalds. One of the components, the biggest yet, is a "TRYathlon" toolkit for kids, filled with games, gardening and recipes. I was a little nervous at first, given my design aesthetic doesn't usually fall in the 6 to 10 year old realm, but I think it turned out really fun, and made me challenge myself to design something completely different. Click here to check it out, and when you get to the page, click on "TRYathlon Try Kit".

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