Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life on the hill tastes good : 'Zaw

Perhaps you're like me and have found yourself in this situation before; hungry, lazy, and not in the mood to venture out into the rain. The cupboards are filled with cans of chili but you just want something a little, I don't know, fresher? On top of that, you're in the mood for a glass of wine, or perhaps a beer. Sounds like hell, right? So maybe my definition of hell is a bit warped, but sometimes you just want someone to put something delicious in your face, and you're more than happy to pay for it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a solution: 'Zaw artisan bake at home pizza. They will deliver you not only a fresh, organic, healthy(ish) pizza, but an amazing salad and bottle of wine for $33. That my friends, is an amazing deal, and a genius business modle if you ask me. Perhaps it makes us all just a little bit lazier, but I'm all for it. It's about time businesses cater to not only the hungry, but the thirsty, and something somewhat healthy at that! The pizzas hare loaded with veggies, on flat bread and not at all greasy. They have quite a few locations, so you can order and have it delivered to just about anywhere in Seattle, and they only take about 12 minutes to bake. So the next rainy day you're not in the mood to cook, and amazing pizza and a glass of wine (or beer!) sounds pleasing, I highly recommend you check out 'Zaw.

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