Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year, New Face!

That's right it's a new year and time for a little facelift. Well, a blog facelift that is. Not much, but I was feeling a little bored with the old look, so here's to a new year. And if this update being almost a month late is any indicator to my motivation this year, I'm sure I'll get a ton done.

Other new starts this year? Well I'm not even remotely considering dieting or working out, so that's out, but I might take a little more time to do things that make me happy. Traveling would be the biggest thing, and thought plans have fell through here and there, I'm determined to get out of the country this year. In the mean time Will and I will be joining my Dad, Wendy and Becca in Sanoma in March, to visit some family and do some wine tasting, so that'll be nice little get away.

Along with traveling, I'm going to make a point to take more photos, and learn more about photography. Even though Will can't stand me pointing a camera in his face constantly, he's one my favorite subjects, so sorry darlin'! Speaking of, here I am doing that very thing:

Cheers to a new year!

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  1. love the new look and how I can hear you speaking when I read your are simply amazing.