Thursday, January 27, 2011

I heart rue!

I've stumbled upon an awesome online magazine, rue, and I'm absolutely smitten. So much so, that I just used the word smitten. As such a print lover it's hard for me to fall in love with a digital magazine, and if there were an option to get a print version (which in all honesty, I may have some how missed) I would subscribe in a heart beat. In fact I'm seriously considering printing the entire thing out.

Rue encompasses everything that makes me smile, design, homemade craft, photography and interior design. They also have a fabulous blog that I highly recommend. There has only been 3 issues of the magazine so far, but given that they are around 300 pages, you'll have your hands full catching up on just the three. So if you get a chance swing by and have a looksie!

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  1. Hey Boo! Guess what?!?! My boss's daughter is one of the editors of Rue. Cassandra La Valle! So good right? check out her personal blog: