Friday, January 14, 2011

Homemade pillows

My sister gave me a great little sewing machine for christmas...
...and I finally got to play with it this week, whipping up a little pillow. It honestly didn't turn out as awesome as I thought it would, mostly because the felt anchor (which I sewed by hand for some reason) turned out a little small and not centered. I suppose I could just play it off like it was suppose to be that way, but I feel it's pretty obvious what happened. Either way it was fun to sew something again as I haven't since I lived with Camille, who had her mom's sewing machine. Also, I'm pretty excited about mastering the zipper, as buttons don't seem to last very long around here, thanks to my furry companion. 

The two on the left I made as well, but the others are from good ol' ikea

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