Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life on the hill tastes good (Part 2)

Not only is breakfast served all day at Cafe Presse, but they don't even look twice when you order it at 2 in the afternoon. Will and I each had the Croque Madam on Saturday, which can only be described as the indecisive hang over's dream come true. The menu describes it as "“Baked ham, gruyere and béchamel sandwich, with a sunny side up egg”. Or in other words, an enormous piece of amazing french toast, ham, and a perfectly cooked egg. So, if you find yourself with a slight head ache, at 2 in the afternoon in Capitol Hill, I highly recommend it. Or alternatively, we've also been here for dinner, which I unfortunately did not snap a picture of, and it was amazing as well. $3.50 glasses of wine don't hurt either...

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