Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Inspiration Folder

After days like today when the creative juices seem to have squeezed out the last drop I love to move from the graphic design world to the interior design world. Don't ask me why but the two speak to me very differently, the interior world an escape from the graphic world when my brain shuts off and doesn't want to think about grids for another second. That said, I have so many ideas for my new place I'm slightly overwhelmed. Each wall in my little apartment I want to paint, wallpaper, or rehang something in the worse way. So much so that Will napping is about the only thing stopping me from hunting around with my cordless drill for something to hang. I suppose I'll just have to tap into the 'ol inspiration folder and mentally hang things for this evening.

I saw this on design sponge as a dyi project, and although I'm always up for that, buying one might be slightly easier.

Somehow, some way, I want this to happen in my bathroom. Still haven't quite figured out how yet.

This is actually in the range of possibilities, and would give me an excuse to buy some of those vintage cameras I always droll over at flea markets. 

I've deiced a need some yellow to break up the grey/teal in the living room, and I love the blown up B&W print.

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