Friday, November 6, 2009

Ugly Bookcases???

So I'm working from home today because my lovely car decided it wasn't in the mood to sit in traffic this morning. That said I'm on my couch with my coffee table/desk half working and half par-oozing design sites...

Last week I was re-arranging the dining room and cramming as many books as possible into my built-in book case, when I started thinking about the art of bookcases. I was trying to figure out why the bookcases crammed with books in, say, the Ikea catalogue are so pretty and mine just looked crammed with books. I suddenly realized it's because Ikea is cheating! All the books are the same color!

I don't know about you, but I generally buy books for their content, not their spine color. So what to do as a normal consumer who has books in every color? Well today I found something kind of cool, maybe a little over the top OCD, but I think it's pretty sweet, book jackets! FInally a away to make your books uniformly beautiful as they sit on your shelf, like a piece of art! Sure, you can't figure out which book is which on your shelf, but in the name of art, a lot of things don't make any sense, but they look nice.

All of these awesome jackets can be seen/purchased at

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  1. Before resorting to applying book covers to all of your books, did you try creating an assortment of heights within you bookcase? having some books vertical and some horizontal, also incorporating decrative objects in there as well. (The Pottery Barn is coming out right now)