Monday, November 16, 2009

Followed Blogs

I have slightly engulfed myself in a few blogs that I can't keep my eyes off of and so I thought I would share them. The first is from a woman in San Francisco who's style I absolutely adore. She honestly makes me want to fly to San Francisco just to ransack her apartment... just kidding. kind of. The blog, which is sub-titled "bohemian modern style form a San Francisco girl" says it all, it has everything from interior design to photography to crafts and recipes. Honestly, I'm a bit jealous and hope to be half as cool some day... You can check it out at, and I strongly recommend you do.

The second blog which I adore is one that my lovely friend (and roommate!) Camille showed me, is design sponge, another one of those inspirational blogs which makes you want to completely redecorate your whole house. The section which is by far my favorite thought is the "before and after" which is of course was the source of inspiration for my lamps. Again, if you're feeling like you need a change in your interior, or just want inspiration I encourage you to check it out.

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