Tuesday, January 17, 2012

earth lodge

To sum this place up, if you're ever in Antigua, you must visit the Earth Lodge, it's that amazing. The views are beyond anything I've ever seen, the food is great (served family style) and if you can get a night in the treehouse, jump on it, it's one of the coolest places you'll ever sleep. My brain is officially in vacation mode and so relaxed that sentences and proving difficult, so here is a list of what we've encountered in 24 hours here:

- There is an active volcano (Fuego) that smokes every once in a while (pic below)
- We encountered a 6 year old girl hacking at a tree with a machete larger than her, needless to say I've never been afraid of a 6 year old until today
- The village surrounding the Earth Lodge is spread out by steep dirt paths, of which women hike up with babies on their back. After hiking up one without a small child attached to me, I have mounds of respect for these ladies.
- Did I mention the view?
- My day consists of eating, drinking, reading and relaxing
- The lodge is on an avocado farm, so naturally avocado is in everything, including dessert
- There are hundreds of airplants living in the trees, almost all of them 2 feet around
- I could live here

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  1. Beautiful!! You guys got out just in time to miss Sno-Apocalypse