Sunday, January 15, 2012

Antigua, Guatemala

We arrived in Antigua late last night and settled into our hostel before heading for some grub. We ended up at a little Mexican place for tacos, beer, and a commemorative shot of Tequila for ol' Dan. Getting home was interesting as every street looks exactly the same, even more so in the dark with a few cervesas in you.

We wandered around Antigua today, seeing the town square, ruins and various churches. This town is something special, it's so beautiful and quaint with it's cobble stone roads and amazing old architecture. The pace is slow and the weather is ideal, sunny not too hot, perfect for slowly wandering around.

Unfortunately the majority of my pictures are on my camera, and I'm actually writing this from my phone (our hostel has free wifi- very cool) but I can share a few shots, one of which is from the rooftop garden I'm sitting in this very moment!

We're headed to The Earth Lodge in the morning, a little place about 20 minutes away on an avocado farm, Heather told us about, and were staying in a tree house so I'm sure I'll take a million pictures. Adios until then!

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