Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life on the Hill Tastes Good: Marjorie

At one point in my life (all of 3 months ago) I had grand illusions of dining out every night, taking amazing photographs and writing reviews on each and every flavor. What has that tuned into? A quick cell phone pic I sometimes manage to throw on my blog. But today that all changes (sort of)! 

Will and I went to Marjorie last night, a little place I randomly found on Urbanspoon while trying to find somewhere to eat we hadn't been yet. Our overall experience was quite nice, with delicious food and friendly staff, but a word to the hungry: you many want to grab a hotdog before you go. I can't decide frankly if small portions are simply a testament to how much we should really be consuming in one sitting, or sometime just a rip off. In this case, although delicious, I would have liked to see a little more on my plate. Especially since I ordered prawns, and god knows I can eat about two dozen before I'm full. Sadly, there were only three. 

The prawns were cooked with the heads on though (tails peeled) which I have never experienced before. The result was nothing less than amazing. All the goodness usually tossed from the head softens when cooked, and adds a lovely flavor to the body meat. They were served over grits, which were more like a risotto, buttery and rich. Will had a king salmon dish which although was very delicious, and cooked perfectly, wasn't as good as mine :)

Overall, if you're feeling swanky (and in the mood to spend some money) I would recommend it. We'll definitely be back in the summer, as they have an adorable little patio. 

Images are from Marjoie's website, as sadly my phone's photos are dark and not pretty.

My Dish - Hawaiian Blue Prawns

Home made truffle butter... yes please!

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