Friday, December 2, 2011

the x-mas thing

In further attempts to get myself into the holiday spirit I'm determined to get a tree this weekend. I'm thinking though the all-out-big-ass-christmas-tree with all the trimmings might not be my thing, and I certainly don't think it's Wills. In searching for new ways to do christmas, I've found a few simple solutions I'm diggin', like potting branches or a simple wreath.

Another solution to the "been there done that" christmas decor is trying a new color palate. Not everything needs to be green and red, there are plenty of other colors out there people. Plus, we all know it's christmas, it doesn't have to be shoved down your throat at every turn (in my opinion). My color palate? I'm thinking black and white and a neutral brown. Pictures to follow if I actually get around to all these ideas...

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