Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've been trying to come up with an interesting way to store wine in our little kitchen for quite some time, and am determined to come up with something soon, because it's driving me crazy. Sort of one of those things where you know what you want, but you haven't found it yet. That said, it might be a DIY project this weekend waiting to happen, but more on that later. In the mean time, here are a few cool ideas on how to sore your vino, granted you don't drink it all in one sitting and actually have wine around to store.

1. I love this because why not just build around the idea of wine storage, rather than adding it on later? Very simple, but functional and clean. Via Desire to Inspire
2. These are actually old skis, very inventive, and not tacky, which I think it could easily be. Via Pinterest
3. This little bad boy I found when I realized my genius idea is out there already. This is actually a metal pipe, and I was envisioning this very thing out of wood. This would be very easy to make out of wood, and I've been asking Will to make me one for a while now ::cough::birthday::cough:: Via fitzsu
4. We all realize just how unrealistic this is, but I still love it. Via Etsy

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