Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring in My Step

I've been feeling a bit gloomy and gross lately with all the grey weather we've been having, and it's time to snap out of it! Maybe it's because it's friday, maybe it's because I'm getting dinner tonight with a good friend. Whatever is it, time to put a little color into my day. It is April after-all, and supposedly Spring...

1. I wish I had something to say about this image, I ffffound it, and the artist's website has zero info; void ()
2. An awesome "foodie photography" blog I just found that I'm both in love with, and aspire to; What Katie Ate
3. Jessica Hische's beautiful letterpress typography prints
4. Awesome party invitation DIY, totally worth checking out, via Oh Happy Day
5. Pretty enough to eat, via Tookie's Etsy Shop
6. Beautiful photography via Sweet Eventide

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