Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life on the Hill Tastes Good: Anchovies & Olives

The lovely Camille and I had a night out on Wednesday, and it was long overdue. We decided to treat ourselves, as it's Seattle Restaurant Week, and many restaurants around the city are doing 3 course meals for $28. Of course it always ends up costing more with drinks and such, but it's still a great deal. Camille and I spend several hours at Anchovies & Olives, splitting a bottle of wine and feasting on a 3 course gourmet dinner filled with escolar, (raw fish, avocado and picked jalapeno- easily our favorite dish) swordfish, clam and nettle risotto and and plethora of other nibbles, half of which I couldn't pronounce, but won't soon forget. My only gripe was the risotto was a little light, and not as sticky as I like it, but that stems from watching too much Top Chef I'm sure.

If you're in the area next week, I highly recommend checking this place out, and allowing yourself to drop some dough on a meal that's totally worth it.  

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