Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mini Before & After

As much charm as our apartment has, there is no getting around the fact that the bathroom is ugly. The walls are yellow, and the floors have been painted grey, over the hardwood. Now I love grey, and I love yellow accents, but the two together in one room covering all surfaces make for a strange glow that isn't particularly flattering. We've been told we could paint "light colors" and all I can think to do is paint it off white, like the rest of the apartment, but the through of trying to paint around a claw foot tub sounds like too much work for white paint. So, I decided I could at least give the bathroom a little love by freshening up the shelf and mirror and doing a little organizing.
Mirror Before

I found this mirror at the Seattle Trading Post, one of my favorite little second hand stores. It's right down the street and every time I go there I find something I love. Although the old gold is sort of fun, the last thing the bathroom needed was more yellowish, so it got a few coats of paint.


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