Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mom's Pesto

I finally got around to making my mom's pesto recipe, something which I've been meaning to make for a long time. She has always told me how simple it was to make, but I honestly didn't believe her. Needless to say, I had two huge basil plants and the night off so I decided to give it a whirl. The first thing to recognize when making pesto is it's going to take you about 5 times the basil that you think it will. Our plants were about 2 feet high and are now reduced to stumps after the pesto phenomena.

What I love about getting recipes from my mom thought is how much guessing is involved. Nothing is ever measured in cups and teaspoons, but instead is given in measurements of "a ton", "a little" or "you know, just taste it". As frustrating as that may seem, I actually enjoy it. It teaches to not just read a recipe, but to really figure it out on your own. In this case, the "recipe" is simple and the end result is amazing.

Start with a "ton" of basil, chop as finely as possible, mix with a "good amount" of chopped almonds (much cheaper than pine nuts and just as good), a "shit load" of garlic, a "good amount" of olive oil, a "good amount" of salt, and a "little bit" of pepper. Then honestly, taste it, see what more is needs, and blend it on chop mode for a few minutes to get everything blended together a bit better (something my mom doesn't believe in, but hey), and mix in a parmesan cheese.

Seriously, the easiest and most delicious pesto ever. Serve with a salad, bread and wine (or Rainier if you prefer) and you have a "damn good" dinner.

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