Friday, March 28, 2014


Alright we haven't actually done anything, but we've made decisions, and that in my book is progress. The great countertop debate has settled on butcher block (previously stainless steel), which I chalk up as a win in my book, as Will took convincing. Of course, being a miniature Ron Swanson he's going to build them, which is amazing, because who the hell does that? I was ready to run to Ikea and slap them on but if there's one thing (there are more than one, don't worry) I admire about Will, he wants to do things the quality, correct way, even if that's much more time consuming. Myself on the other hand would have the entire house flipped upside down by now and be walking around in constant fear of things unhinging and crashing to the floor. In fact, there are a few of those things around the house regardless, as the moment Will turns his head I find something to hang, organize, or suspend from the ceiling. He appropriately has dubbed these my booby traps. For this reason he's never let me hang a shelf above the bed, which is fair. It would probably fall in the middle of the night and I would not only have a concussion but a seriously pissed off boyfriend.


Back to the kitchen, this is really just a bunch of inspiration, as now that butcherblock is in the mix, it changes everything. For instance, the wood cabinets have got to go, there is already quite a bit of wood going on in the kitchen with the beam and the shelves, and I don't want our lovely house to look like a cabin. Not that there's anything wrong with cabins, I love cabins, they just don't belong in the city. So with wood floors, wood countertops, wood beam, and wood shelves, we've got to get some other materials in the mix. Now the debate is dark vs. light. We've painted just about every surface bright white, with exception to a dark grey accent wall, so there's fear that even more white will be a bit overkill. BUT just look at these beautiful pieces of inspiration I've found:

See what I'm saying? Lots of wood, and lots of white, but looks totally great and not overwhelming. The other option is to go super dark with the cabinets, which could also look awesome, but I'm having a hard time visualizing it. I sort of want to just paint everything white, and then if we don't like it go dark, but that sounds like a silly amount of extra work. You would think visualizing all this would be easy for two creative people, but it turns out we change our minds every 6 seconds. Or at least I do... ho hum. I'll just go reorganize the book shelves in the mean time. Oh wait I did that on Tuesday, they're color coordinated now, don't worry.

Ps- sorry this post didn't actually include any photos of our kitchen and was essentially just me rambling.

photos above :  1, 2, 3, 4

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