Friday, December 6, 2013


This feels slightly tacky due to the time of year, but what the hell. Buying a home has made me want to update just about everything we own. After a while that same bookshelf from ikea you've had for 6 years just needs to be replaced. Aside from the big pieces though, there are a few small things I'm determined to work into new abode.

1 // New silverware - how does it always end up we have 47 spoons and 4 forks? It's a mystery. The gold flatware is probably not Will's favorite, but I dig it. 

2 // Oh paper straws, you're so worthless, but I'll always love you.

3 // I've been eyeballing this runner for a while, think it needs to live in my hall

4 // Our hipster kitchen wouldn't be complete without the Kinfolk cookbook, now would it?

5 // We need to replenish the plant life in our house, the move managed to kill most of it

6 // Not that we have room to hang anything else in our tiny home, but I still want this huge buffalo hanging somewhere. 

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