Thursday, August 8, 2013


This actually makes it looks like I've been lounging all summer without a care in the world. While I've done my fair share of lounging (we do have a boat after all) this has been the summer of being insanely busy. Not that that's a bad thing, but as most of you know I spend my year waiting for the Seattle summer, and I wish it wasn't going by so fast. It's hands down the nicest time here in the PNW, and Seattle might just be the greatest summer city.

So, what the hell have I been doing? Well there have been various music festivals (Pickathon last weekend, Doe Bay Fest this weekend), there have been cabin trips, boat trips, catching up on reading and taking evening walks, but the biggest thing that's been occupying us (mentally mostly, to be honest) is we're buying a house! Now we haven't found said house yet, but we're deep in the process and hunting like mad.

If there's one thing I've learned so far, we watch too much f-ing HGTV. To my shock and awe, you don't find 3 perfect homes and discuss over margaritas which one is the one. In reality, you look at 5 shitty houses and realize you need to either win the lotto or start thinking realistically. We don't have our heads in the clouds by any means, and are looking for something to fix up, but it turns out in August nobody is interested in putting their house on the market. Seriously, nobody. Everyone is getting a tan and catching up on their reading list. I mean who does that??

We will find something awesome though, I'm sure of it, I just have to be patient, (Yes, I have to, Will is cool and a goddamn cucumber) and trust that the right thing will come along. And when it does, there will plenty of blog updates, and much less radio silence. Until then, I'm going to go enjoy a lovely weekend on Orcas Island with our wonderful friends and soak up this summer.

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