Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I realize about 99% of the time I stumble upon something beautiful online it's way overpriced. Today that happened when I saw this tea kettle from West Elm. It's white, it's wood, its enamel, and I love it. But $150 bucks? Give me a break. In about 30 seconds of searching on Etsy I found this little guy for a fraction of the price. Boom. It's not white, but it's vintage and teak, and awesome.

The entire Etsy shop is great by the way, I recommend you check it out. I'm eyeballing a few things I totally don't need, but will probably buy later this evening after a few glasses of wine. That's when I do the majority of my unnecessary online shopping, when inhibitions are nice and lubricated. This is also something I recommend.


  1. Maddy, we used to have that exact tea kettle! Bright yellow and all. We loved it and used it every single day (that's probably why we finally had to get rid of it last year), it really did brighten up our day. Such a fun color! You're going to love it. p.s. I love Etsy :)