Thursday, December 13, 2012

calendar season

About this time of year I realize that my giant calendar needs to be re-purchased. So as every year, I went online, added it to my cart, and was about to hit purchase when I suddenly thought, "am I over this?" Gasp! But it's true, I might, just might, be over the Stendig that I have loved for so many years. Perhaps it's because I've had it up prominently in various living rooms for so long, or that we also have one at my office, so I can't escape it. Either way, something else is going to need to fill that space.

But more on that later.

This is really just an excuse to post other pretty calendars, specifically this prism one by Julia Kosteva, which I discovered today via Miss Moss.

It just might need to make an appearance in my house somewhere.. hmmm.

images via miss moss

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