Monday, November 19, 2012

find peace

Ugh, what a terrible last few days we've had. Our house was broken into Thursday and I've been a bit of a wreck ever since. I think Will actually witnessed me having a nervous breakdown, it wasn't pretty. Without going into details, a lot of important information was stolen, including freelance work, and just about every picture I've taken for the last 3 years, which were on my computer. I've done just about everything I can to try and find it, and though I'm not going to stop looking, I'm starting to realize that I just have to let go. There's just something so personal about being robbed, something so gut retching about someone breaking down your door and ripping things out of the wall, it's sort of all I've been able to think about, and I'm sick of it. I'm not over it, and I'm certainly not going to forget anytime soon, but I am going to be thankful they didn't take more, and nobody was hurt. There are plenty of people out there in worse situations, and by comparison, we're lucky.

On another note, I took my coworker's engagement photos Sunday, on a lovely rainy day, which is where these are from, but more on that later.

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