Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY hipster-neon-triangle dog bowls

After 2 years on the hill I decided Moe needed some hipster accessories, aside from his array of colored scarves that is. So here you have it, the DIY guide to making your very own hipster dog bowls. 5 extra hipster points if you listen to vinyl while making these, 10 if you're drinking a PBR. 


1- Bowls! Keeping true to our theme I found these at Value Village for $3 each (5 points)

2- Neon spray paint- make sure it's a multi purpose paint that's made to use with metal

3- Sealer

4- Masking Tape - plenty sticky, and removes easily

5- Ruler & Sharpie - I admittedly didn't use either of these, but I did intend to. If you want to measure out and mark your pattern then that's what they're for. If you have no patients, or want it to look more random, just eye ball it.


1 - If you're going to make precise shapes, measure and dot where you want the triangles to meet. If you don't care, which I realized I didn't, just tape at random angles. Tip: Use an exacto knife to make the edges of the tape line up perfectly.

2- Cover the parts you don't want painted with a plastic bag, making sure not to tape inside of your paint area. 5 extra hipster points here if you have stacks of plastic bags around because you reuse them.

3- Get sprayin! I did about 5 coats to get the pink bright enough, and 2 coats of sealer. 5 points for spraying these on a fire escape, and 5 more for smoking an American Spirit while you do it.

4- Finito! Remove the bags and tape and you've got yourself some custom neon-hipster-triangle dog bowls. Crack another PBR and relax (5 points).

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