Friday, March 9, 2012

let's do this thing

Alright, now that freakout mode has concluded, I've decided to take a step back and get painfully organized to deal with this new twist on apartment life. Yes, my landlord has decided in a 500 square foot apartment to graciously install and washer and dryer in our one and only tiny closet. Never mind the big empty area in the kitchen that's begging for something to be put there. But hey, he's new to the building, so we'll give him some slack. Plus I get a washer and dryer so I can't bitch too much.

Ok, back to the dilema. We have lost valuable storage space, and I'm determined to not let this break me. One of the things I absolutely love about place is the high ceilings. That said, I think it's time to start utilizing them better. I've never been a fan of hanging things so high that you need a step ladder to get to them, which for me isn't very high, but I need to get over it. So the new plan is to free up space by going up, and using the space that we have to the fullest. Here is a little inspiration I've found to keep the light at the end of the tunnel visible.

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