Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun with Figs

Ever since the salad I made a few weeks ago for Will's parents birthdays (figs, pears, gorgonzola, kiwi, and heirloom tomatoes ,essentially) I've had a small obsession with figs. Not that I've done much but droll over what other people are making, but it's a start. When I get back from NYC (leaving in 2 days!!eeeee!) I'm going to jump back on the cooking train, and stop relying on take out for dinner. The girl at our local Pho place recognizes me now and although flattered, I think it's a sign I need to start cooking.

As foodie-fate would have it, in the midst of my fig crush one of my favorite food blogs, Spoon Fork Bacon, posts 3 amazing sounding fig recipes. Now I just have to decide what to make first...

Fig Tart

Open Faced Italian Fig Sandwich 

Stuffed Figs

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