Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life on the hill tastes good: Taco Tuesday!

Ladies and gentlemen, and I have discovered a gem. It's an old concept with a delicious simple twist; it's cheap and actually delicious. Now we can all think of a local bar with taco tuesday/thursday (Wild Rose... Ravenna Ale House...) but we also can unfortunately think of the tacos, with ground hamburger meat and bland salsa. Well, Licorice has changed all that, and is putting the cold-beef-dive-bar-taco to shame. On Tuesday nights you can get $1 tacos at Licorice all night, until they run out! And... happy hour drinks until 7! It may be because I had two of these deliciously strong cocktails, it may be because I had 6 tacos (yup, 6) but I'm f-ing stoked. The only down side I can possibly think of (and frankly I don't personally give a shit about) is they only have one choice in taco and that is pork. And the only reason that is a slight problem is I know a few happy hour enthusiast who are vegetarian. But ladies, let me tell you, if there was ever a time to start eating pork... Or you can just drink incredibly strong and cheap cocktails and munch on pretzels and nuts, either way.

So, if you're on the hill after work on a Tuesday and looking for come cheap eats, Licorice is the place to go. I highly recommend it!

Ya, it's a terrible cell phone pic, but you get the idea

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