Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh Flowers

As the time as come for us to pack up and move on, there are several things about our house I'm really going to miss, the yard, the hot tub, the sun room, and even, the flowers. If there is one thing Will and I have never planeted, it's flowers, because they have always been there. They pop up in fases throughout the year, but never as lush and beautiful as summer. I'm going to miss being able to step out my front door and pick flowers to put around the house, but who knows, maybe we'll have some at our next place.
For now, I'm filling vases throughout my house with the front yard flowers, including an awesome teal vase, or pitcher rather, I got a garage sale down the street.

My 50 cent find

Not 50 cents, but still pretty

1 comment:

  1. So pretty! you can pick some flowers at my house for your new place!