Monday, September 7, 2009

Fremont Sunday Market

I had heard of the Fremont market from several people and finally got a chance to go a yesterday. Of course it was raining, but we didn't let that hold us back! We are some great tacos and wandered around the flea market section, which is actually underground, so we were safe from the drizzle. I of course could of spent hours paroozing the isles for antiques, but decided for Will's sake to keep it short. I did find some awesome antique silverware though, and all for a dollar each! The old school "Kitchen Aid" ice cream scoop is my favorite, it immediately reminded me of my sister, who has an ice cream scoop collection. There was a ton of prints and old signs I loved as well, but don't really have a space for them. I really wanted this awesome old teal typewriter but knew it was probably unnecessary. Even if I only walked away with silverware, flea markets and quickly becoming a love of mine, and I'm sure I'll be back in the following weeks finding more treasures...

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