Monday, August 31, 2009

Documenting the garden on film

Although we were a bit late in planing this summer, Will and I have managed to grow quite a variety of plant and vegetables. I only wish we could extend summer 6 more moths and keep going. But until I figure that out, I am quite happy with the variety. We have a ton of basil, lettuce, mint, oregano, parsley, cilantro and supposedly peppers, although they haven't done much. I was out in the yard yesterday, transplanting the peppers in the front of the house when I realized in a matter of weekend we turned our house from the eyesore of the neighborhood, to the eyesore with a maintained yard. Funny what cutting the grass and planting a few grasses can do.

Then of course I felt I had to take a few pictures of the beauty we had created and decided to dust off my old film camera. There is something so nostalgic about film cameras, I'm remembering how much I love them. My mom gave me the Nikon N70 which I used to spend hours and countless rolls of film with before the digital age exploded. Bringing it back out and taking shots around the house proved to be exhilarating, and I forgot about how exciting it is to get film developed. Sure, half of my pictures were underexposed or blurry, but the keepers have a quality to them you just can't get with a digital camera.

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